Palolem Beach is a favourite beach destination especially with those who do not know to swim, as it is very shallow and the depth of the water level increases consistently all along. Palolem beach is a crescent shape beach and one can soak in its views from the southern end till the northern end in one glimpse of the eyes. Both ends have natural jutting rocks trying to touch the sea. Palolem beach is considered to be the most safest beach of Goa with absolutely few currents.


One can walk the whole beach of Palolem from one end to the other as it is only 1.6 kms in walking distance. It is a natural bay surrounded by lofty headlands on either sides, resulting in a calm, idyllic sea with a gently sloping bed which allows you to walk up to 100 metres out from the beach.

The beach is featured as the Indian residence of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) in the film The Bourne Supremacy (2004). The initial footage in the movie gives a good idea of the natural beauty of the beach - the distinctive tree covered rocks at one end (known locally as Monkey Island or Palolem Island - to which tours are run) and beach shacks.

At the top of the island adjoining Palolem beach there is a stone sculpture created by an American Conceptual and Land art artist Jacek Tylicki called "Give if you can - Take if you have to" also called "the Money stone". It became a pilgrimage destination. At the low tide it is a tough jungle walk. People can leave or take money at will at the Money stone.

The white sandy beaches of Palolem gently curves round to form a crescent shape of the moon while the warm blue waves of the Indian Ocean roll in from the open sea.

Immediately to the south of Palolem,  is the beautiful Columb Bay. You can take a boat ride in the river joining the sea on northern side of the Palolem beach. From Palolem you can find some outdoor sport as :

  • Scuba diving
  • Canyoning and trekking tour
  • Rent self-paddle sea kayak boat

Ten Things to Thrive on Palolem Beach


1. Watch dolphins while eating breakfast?

For this to happen you have to be extremely lucky. If the dolphins of Palolem don't come close enough, then just hop on a local Palolem village fishing boat. Also there are plenty of professional dolphin boat trips organized by Rainbow Travels.


2. Do some beach exploring.

At the extreme south of Palolem beach exists a well hidden minor cove surrounded by a small fishing village. Called Colomb Bay. Worth exploring on foot. At the far north of the Palolem beach is a tiny island that commands your viewing attention, once your feet are set on the sand, that looks like a set from Jurassic park and is well worth exploring. Possible to swim to reach to Palolem Island or wait for the tide to go low and wade through knee deep water to the uninhabited island of palolem beach.

3. Help the fishermen.

Pull in the fishing nets early in the morning and sometimes late in the evenings and haul the boats on to the beach. When the locals are bringing in their catch, they're always grateful for a helping hand and if you volunteer without being asked to, they are most welcome to give a day's worth of fish free for you to cook and eat.


4. Go for a shave.

Indian barbers from different parts of the country are settled with their barber skills all over Goa and in Palolem too. They are highly skilled with a sharp shaving knife called a Vastra in local Hindi language and do a fantastic head massage too.

5. Take a yoga lesson.

Practice yoga on Palolem beach. Yoga is an excellent fitness exercise to welcome the rising sun or to get flexible before the beautifull setting sun in Palolem. There is lot on offer around Palolem beach. Begin Tai Chi, Chi Qong, Meditation or even Bollywood Dancing.


6. Dance to silent music?

Palolem is the only beach in Goa where Silent Parties are organized. Yes, the silent raves take place at various locations throughout the week and are well worth a visit. This is one way to party without making a noise. Neighbours love Silent Parties in Palolem.

Silent noise party offers the unique experience of dancing to great music while listening to headphones. The headphones are light, sturdy and give a great bang. For people who have not doned their headphones there is music but at a very low decibel.

7. Shopping.

Palolem Beach has recently turned into a flea market environment once you hit on the interior roads parallel to the Palolem beach. Souvenir shops selling rings n things, most notably some pretty cool t-shirts and handicrafts are scattered all over.


8. Go out fishing.

Fishing happens practically every other day all along the cove of palolem beach. Palolem village and Palolem beach are traditionally a fishing and toddy tappers village.

If you speak and arrange with the local fishermen of Palolem, you could go on a real fishing trip into the deep seas of the Arabian Sea on the horizon of Palolem beach. Catch a fish. Cook it yourself. Or  take it to a restaurant for it to be cooked for you. Fishing in Palolem can be soul satisfying and appetising too.


9. Charter a boat

You can charter a traditional fishing boat or hire a boat which has an outboard Yamaha motor fixed on it. So you can sail up the spectacular coastline of Palolem. See the green palm fringed beach line from the shore. Go fishing, drink beer and visit lesser known beaches around Palolem.

10. Spot some Turtles around Palolem Beach.

Don't miss on spotting and helping some just hatched Olive Riddley Turtles to survival. You can pick them up and leave them closer to the waters for ease of survival. Only two places in India one can see Olive Riddley Turtles, one is Goa and the other place is at the other extreme end on the Bay of Bengal seaside at Gahirmatha rookery in Orissa.

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